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This is for my namesake who requested it. The thing about risotto is that it is really easy but you do need to set aside half an hour when you will do very little other than stir the rice. I play Andrea Boccelli’s Romanza really loudly and attend to the rice with love. You need a cup of Curtiriso Arborio rice. Fry a chopped onion in olive oil – about 2tbsps. Do this slowly. When it is soft, add the rice and stir till it changes colour. Add half a cup of white wine (I used sauvignon blanc). It must cook fiercely and reduce then add ladle by ladle two to three cups of stock (I used chicken this time) Add these slowly allowing the rice to absorb the stock before adding more. Stir all the time. Towards the end, add 2tbsps hot water in which you have allowed saffron ( pinch) to soak. I added thinly sliced courgettes and peas to the onions in the beginning – you could use any spring veges.Asparagus tips on their own would be good. At the end, I added some fresh fennel fronds and a bit of chopped parsley. The final touch is some scrapings of parmesan – the real thing. Absolutely delicious! ( You can use a couple of tablespoons of powdered parmesan if you are desperate.) I must acknowledge the person who took the fear of risotto away – the tiny but inspiring Ina Paarman. Let me know how it turns out!


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